The greatest pride for any professional is having an extensive list of happy and satisfied clients who were served with dedication and passion

“Rubens Lima is the best book cover designer for non-fiction books. Until my second book, I struggled a lot when it came to book cover design. The designers weren’t experts, that is, they didn’t know the peculiarities of the publishing market. Rubens lives and breathes books! Working with him has been an evolution for me as an author.”
Book Author
Author of two bestseller books on copywriting. Marketing analyst, copywriter and lecturer
"I asked Rubens for a book cover redesign, but he delivered so much more than that! He restructured my e-book series from a more commercial perspective. He gave me a lot of guidance on the publishing market — something I've never had before. As soon as I published my books on Amazon with his new covers, I noticed a dramatic increase in pageviews and, mostly, in sales.”
Professor and MA in History at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. independent author of the series “História em Ação"
"Already at first contact, I noticed that Rubens Lima was someone very professional, someone I could trust. He is very accessible and he answers all questions very quickly. He is very clear and objective and leaves the author at ease to make decisions. Rubens is so sensitive and attentive to our needs, that he understood very quickly what I was going for regarding my book cover. He has created the cutest cover I could ever imagine, perfectly capturing the essence of my book! I loved it and I strongly recommend his services."
Author NinaSR
Nina sena Radicke (GERMANY)
Author of the book “Chronicles of a Little Girl"
"I was a little nervous working with someone internationally for my project, but my concern was unnecessary. Working with Rubens Lima was a wonderful experience. Fast, insightful, creative, and professional! His work is beautiful and perfect for my project."
Brad Collette (usa)
Author of the book "FreeCad for Inventors"
“Rubens, I was thrilled with the cover design and your concept ideas for my book. Travail créatif et passionnant! You have created a layout that engages, inspires, involves and makes the book sell itself. Mes félicitations, all details have been really well-thought-out. Your work has been perfect and very professional!”
Jac-Ssone Alerte (Haiti)
Engineer, author of the book "(Re)Building Dreams"
"I have my own publishing company and I've worked with many book designers before. I have not yet found a professional as competent as Rubens. I always thought Brazilians were good artists but he surpassed them all. He was always available to answer my questions and to give me several alternatives, explaining everything that was necessary, as a good teacher. Character and not just love for the art making is what make great professionals like him."
Luz Compasso (PORTUGAL)
Author of the book "Tree of Life: An Oracle" and Publisher at Luz da Vida Ltd.
“Right off the bat, I fell in love with Rubens’s portfolio and felt he was the right person to capture my book’s essence. The result was astonishing. Rubens has been careful, empathetic — and firm when necessary. He has met the deadline of my entire project and injected life and creativity into this great mission I have entrusted to him. He is a highly commendable professional!”
Tais Targa
Executive director of TTarga and LinkedIn Top Voice with a platform of more than 500,000 followers
“Rubens’ work is magnificent. He has managed to perfectly understand my book subject and turn it into the most perfect visual translation. A book cover that speaks for itself. Unsatisfied, he has even helped me adjust the title and write the blurb. Lucky me, I have found such a capable professional. I thank him from the bottom of my heart!”
Beatriz Quadros
Author of the book "Bipolarity"
“Mr. Lima is a professional that strives for excellence! Rubens makes every effort to understand the customer's needs, discussing all possibilities professionally and politely. He offers the author his wide experience in the publishing market, going beyond the services for which he was hired in the first place. Besides, he is a professional that meets every deadline (a rare quality) and works with transparency!”
Financial advisor, university professor and author of the book "Educação Financeira Para a Vida"
“Great book covers? He has designed a lot of them. His portfolio speaks for itself. But as important as the result, is how Rubens produces it. Mr. Lima is very accessible and always respectful. He answers every e-mail on the same day. With his technical experience, he knows when he needs to be firm to set you free from wrong suppositions and to give your book a better aesthetic and commercial result. It is impressive!
MA in Business Law and expert in Sport Management and Law. Author of “O Mito do Clube-Empresa”
“Rubens Lima’s work is fantastic! He manages to capture the essence of your book and translate it into the cover, making your book much more appealing. We have already worked together in 3 different books, and I hope that we can work together many more times. It is a high-quality service with all the attention and care you can get!”
David Silva
Author of the books: "Brazil Tax Guide For Foreigners", "Planejamento Patrimonial e Previdência Privada no Brasil", among others
“Choosing Rubens to create my book cover was, certainly, the best decision I could have made. He is really polite, capable, and incredibly talented. The book cover he created was beyond all my expectations! I recommend his work a hunded per cent! Rubens is fast, straightforward and cares a lot about the result. It was an honor to have my first book cover created by him.”
Author GabrielaF
Gabriela Fernandes
Author of the book "Colocando Para Fora – um relato corajoso sobre bulimia e anorexia"
“In my first experience as a writer, I really felt lost. That’s why finding a professional like Rubens was like finding a lighthouse in the middle of an ocean. He is a dedicated and committed professional. His opinions and suggestions can take your book design to the next level. Even though I live outside Brazil, I have been provided with a high-level service regarding attention, deadlines and results.”
Book Author Paulo
Paulo Dantas (CANADA)
Administrator majored at College Cruzeiro do Sul and postgraduate in Finance at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP)
“Rubens Lima is much more than a book cover designer! He has helped me to think through the whole commercial approach of my book! He puts himself in the place of a potential reader. That change makes the author think about the essence of what he is really presenting to the world. In his work, Rubens has dedicated effort and time to supporting me, going way beyond the initial expectations.”
Marco Nutini
Author of the book "Risco Não É um Número"
“Rubens has provided me with all the support and guidance I needed during the design of my book cover. He even helped me out with the words for the blurb. When he sent me the first drafts, I had no doubt that the book cover would be a great success. And it really has been since!
Luciano Lima
Author of the book "CompTia Security - Practice Exams"
“I expected a feeling of great satisfaction when I took the first look at my book cover. A feeling similar to the one I had when I first saw my baby in the maternity hospital. And that was exactly what happened when I saw Rubens' design for my book cover. He managed to capture the pure essence of what I was trying to communicate to my readers!”
Mônica Jupiassú
Author of the book "Quer ser feliz para sempre? Separe-se!"